Every fragment of your brand that exists out in the world is an extension of your core narrative.


Core Narratives

The collective stories and content that exist around your brand comprise the body of your core narrative. Every interview, every blog post, every photo and video, each fragment of messaging that emerges from your brand is an extension of this core narrative. These pieces ultimately define who you are as a brand, and how the public perceives you.

In the 20th century, brands needed big money to be noticed.

In the 21st century, all it takes is an impactful story, and a strategic way of telling it.

We work with both startups and major corporations to rethink their core narrative, develop messaging hierarchies, and then bring these to life through innovative media activations and thoughtful storytelling.

Core Narratives takes on a small client roster of innovative brands making a positive difference in the world. We think of this as a partnership, a close collaboration, to ensure your authentic message is heard, and understood, by the right audience.

There's a method to the madness. Core Narratives works closely with clients not only to define your value proposition, but the greater context for your work. How are you changing the world? When this becomes the story people talk about, then your brand suddenly becomes something bigger than itself.



Core Narratives works either on a project or a retainer basis with clients, covering the following areas:

01. Messaging

Core messaging development and story hierarchies

Communications strategy

C-level thought leadership

Go-to-market activation planning

02. media relations

Managing external agency partners

Maintaining inbound media requests

Pitching strategy/outbound

Interview training for spokespeople

Messaging documents and FAQs

03. content creation

Op-eds, speeches and essays

Press releases and launch material

Blog posts, website content, editorial

Award entries

Video concepts, scripting, video production (with external partner)



“It is a profound opportunity that we get to choose how the world defines us. Choose your words wisely.”

Daniel Sherman  |  Founder


About us

Core Narratives is led by Daniel Sherman, a communications prodigy who began advising Fortune 500 companies at the age of 25. Daniel specializes in design, technology and innovation, with a knack for developing messaging around category-creating and category-disrupting products and brands. His client list includes corporations such as Samsung, Movado, L'Oréal, Kodak, Herman Miller, British Gas, and Nike Foundation, as well as startups such as Intuition Robotics, August Home, Ori, and Happiest Baby.

Having received his Bachelors from the University of San Francisco in Communication Studies, focusing in rhetorical analysis, Daniel combines a technical approach to writing and communications with a humanistic and empathetic approach, developed through years of training in public speech and debate. This unique background manifests itself through distinct and approachable communications that resonate as authentic to the brand, and impactful to their audience.

Core Narratives collaborates with a consortium of experts in their respective fields to support in crafting cohesive, thoughtful communications, including branding specialists, video production teams, photographers, and marketing specialists.

Daniel Sherman, Founder

Daniel Sherman, Founder